Friday, July 2, 2010

Five Friday Faves

(Still working on the "better me" plan -- the skin care stuff is going great, BTW! -- and I've been thinking that one area I need to work on is staying more positive in my outlook on life. So, to remind myself of all of the good things around me, I'm going to start doing five of my favorite things every Friday!)

1. Fireworks!

My very favorite part of the Fourth of July holiday is always the fireworks displays -- I love the shiny, bright, booming, beautiful lights in the sky! My favorites are the all-white fireworks that explode into the huge bursts that trickle down like waterfalls. So amazing!

2. Applebee's Perfect Margarita

Indulged in one of these the other night, and it really is perfection! (Well, minus the olive, I must admit -- it may be served in a martini glass, but it's not a martini!) Love that they bring out the shaker so you can refill your own glass, LOL! :)

3. Bath & Body Works "Deep Aqua" Lotion

My local Bath & Body Works was having a big discount sale this week, so I picked up a new lotion scent to try, and I absolutely love it. It really smells like summertime!

4. The Wizard of Oz

Love Dorothy and her ruby reds -- Turner Classic Movies is showing the film tonight!

5. Wimbledon

Goooo, Andy Murray! (He's playing Nadal right now.) Most of the time, I cheer for the American players (or Federer, because he's just so hunky), but I'd love to see Murray overcome the curse and finally have a Brit win Wimbledon!

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