Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Camelot Goes Dawson's Creek...

Along with the venerable Audrey, another of my favorite ladies has always been Jackie O. The dark hair! The perfect jewelry! The fascinating life! The Kennedys were as much sordid soap as they were shining heroes, but I love 'em anyway.

Anyway: Jackie. The History Channel is making a new eight-hour miniseries about the family called The Kennedys, and the first pictures from the set came out today. Greg Kinnear looks super-dashing as JFK:

Perfect sunglasses, perfect hair: I believe he's going to negotiate major political deals during the day and sneak off with Marilyn Monroe at night.

But then, as Jackie, they've cast:

JOEY POTTER. You've got to be kidding me! Beyond a basic resemblance -- dark hair, dark eyes -- she seriously just looks like Katie Holmes in a wig. I hope she proves me wrong, but I don't think she's going to be able to pull off Jackie's sort of aloof coolness. I have a feeling I'll be sitting there for eight hours, watching the miniseries and wishing it was a no-name actress playing the part rather than our old friend Joey.

Maybe they'll cast Pacey as RFK?

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  1. I stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it!
    I too am obsessed with Miss Audrey and Jackie O. I recently went to my local library and checked out the book about Audrey Hepburn and I cannot wait to crack it open on vacation this weekend!